Our intention

Guiding people in developing their concsiousness

For those who thought the twentyth century was impressive, hold your breath. We are now as mankind entering a whole new stage of our consciousness.

This is happening all over the planet. And it’s affecting everybody, from our small personal life untill mankind in its widest perspective.

It appears everywhere. In the way we are thinking of nature, our physical and mental health, space, money and technology. It is a really big shift.

Altough it might look natural trying to blame some one or something for this, this is not necessary. It’s is only because most people don’t understand what is happening and are desperately trying to get a grip on it. (Sorry guys, the next step of mankind is towards the heart: end of the desire for controll)

And this is why we are here: being a guide, for those who want, understanding what is happening in this ‘time frame’.

  • The days of the Narwhal

    The Narwhal is a beautifull symbol for what is happening in this era.

    With a tusk like the mytical Unicorn, it is an artic toothwhale belonging to the dolphin family. The shape of this, about 5 meters long animal, perfectly describes what has been happening with mankind since the past 4000 years.

    So what happened then, you might think? By that time, the two main human forces, masculine and feminine started their own development project.

    The masculine force needed to be developed, in order to create worldwide education, healthcare, science, connectivity and all these modern day ratio based things.

    The feminine force was being withdrawn, in order to give the ‘typical  male’ part of society the space it needed. It had to maintain her positition, because it was needed 4000 years later, for restoring the balance.

    And this is what is happening this era. After 4000 years of being seperated, the male and female forces of mankind are regaining their balance.

    The graphic below, is describing this movement of these two human forces and has the shape of the Narwhal.

    Did you know that the Narwhals are patiently waiting for the first crack in the land-ice, by mother Earth, to reach their feeding grounds after the winter period. 

  • De Werfeling

  • le Tourbillouse

  • the Wild Whirling Willow

  • Academy

  • Mystic Travel

  • Guiding people in the development of their consciousness

    We all know it for decades, we will have to change our behaviour. So much attention is drawn into the Global Goals. And it all looks so complicated.

    It ain’t. When people take the next step in their development, they will discover there is a natural harmony in everything. Within themselves, within our life, within the world, within the universe.

    When consciousness grows, the surplus of energy will be reduced and the shortage of matter will be complemented. (or in reverse). Untill the natural balance has been restored.

    This will mean food where needed, a responsible monetary system, natural responsability from people perspective, free energy, global freedom and unconditional love maintaining the equilibrium on our planet.

    Does this sound to good to be true? Believe whatever you want, because it will happen anyway.
    But if you are curious, feel the desire to actively contribute or want to be ahead like the Narwhals?

    Then we are there to support you. Because we believe there is also a bright and friendly way going trough these changes.

  • Global Goals

    We subscribe the 17 by the UN formulated global goals. Because we think that a conscious human is the foundation for the manifestation of all of these global goals.

    Therefore it is our intention to contribute to all of the 17 global goals, by training and guiding people in the development of their consciousness.

    The UN global goals are: (The Global Goals)

    no poverty – zero hunger – good health and well being – quality education – gender equality – clean water & sanitation – decent work and economic growth – industry, innovation and infrastructure – reduced inequalitys – sustainable cities and communities – responsible consumption and production – climate action – life below water – life on land – peace, justice – partnerships

    And we understand that many people these days are suspicious or afraid for conspiracies in this field. But that is not because of the goals, it is more about the confusion in the institutions trying to controll the human evolution. Which is, from a concsious perspective understandable and will inevitable disappear when people start understanding what is really happening, on our beautifull planet. 

  • Creating awareness all over Europe

    For a very long time the Catholic church has been dominating the spiritual identity on the European continent. The upcoming process of individualisation, starting after WOII, has declined the church’s influence and caused a huge gap in Europe’s spiritual identity.

    The Magical Heart awareness program is the core value of our companies. It enables people to develop their consciousness, from the first steps of awakening up to and including the mastery of the ego. As it is based on the individual growth of consciousness if appeared being a strong answer for many people.

    For more than 10 years we have had the privilige of guiding lots of people in the Netherlands. As we travel a lot through Europe, we see this enormous field of possibilities in other countries.

    Therefore it is our intention contributing to the spiritual development of people in Europe.

  • De Werfeling

  • le Tourbillouse

  • the Wild Whirling Willow

  • Academy

  • Mystic Travel

  • Building a global network

    Who dares to look into the human history, will probably be discovering that we might have the same ancestors.

    The ‘Elders’ of ancient days already knew that in essence we are all connected.

    Looking at creation, one might discover that everything is entangled.

    From our youngest childhood we felt that in the essence all religions origin form the same divine source.

    So, when mankind is preparing for moving into space, we think it is necessary and important forming a global concious network.

    Therefore we invite and are active in the coorporation with others, individuals, groups, organisations who are feeling the same.

    It is our intention to connect to others in the world, active in the field of human consciousness.